#7 Catharine CRASSINGHAM – 52 Ancestor Challenge

No Story Too Small– Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge of 52 Ancestors this year, has been the inspiration to writing up my family history stories.

My 4th great grandmother Catharine CRASSINGHAM was baptized 29 March 1789 at Staplehurst in Kent, England. She was the third child of Richard CRASSINGHAM and Hannah AVERY.

On the 30th of May 1815 at All Saints, Staplehurst, she married William MILLS and they both made their marks in the register.

They baptized their first child on 26 November 1815 at Staplehurst, a son William. He later married Harriet BURR.

Hannah was baptized 06 Jun 1819, but I know nothing more about her.

Daughter Sarah was baptized February 8 1823 and died in 1831 only 8 years old.

Catherine MILLS was buried on the 3rd of October 1824, age 35 years. She had never left Staplehurst in her short life.

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