#6 Margaret Maria BRYCE – 52 Ancestor Challenge

No Story Too Small – Amy Johnson Crow issued a challenge of 52 Ancestors this year.
And so I continue writing up my family history stories.

Great grandmother Margaret Maria BRYCE was born 20 August 1874 at Brandon Lane, Boyne Colliery, Saint Oswald, Durham, England, to James BRYCE & Isabella HALL.  She was the third child born to this couple after Jane in 1870 and Mary Ann in 1872.

Soon after her birth, the family moved to Lancashire.  John George Hall BRYCE was born 1876, Henrietta in 1878, Charles William in 1880, Thomas in 1882, Isabel in 1883, Minnie in 1888 and Robert Arthur in 1895.

At age 16, on the 1891 census for Ormskirk, Lancashire, Margaret Maria BRYCE is a domestic servant for the MEREDITH family.

On 21 February 1897, Margaret Maria BRYCE married Frederick Charles LEA and the marriage was witnessed by her brother John George Hall BRYCE and her sister Henrietta BRYCE.

Their first child was born 11 December 1897 and named James Bryce LEA to honour his grandfather who was killed in 1896 in a colliery accident.

Muriel Isabel LEA who was my grandmother was born 16 June 1899. Followed by Arthur Frederick in 1901 and Dorothy Margaret in 1903.

In April of 1906 the family boarded the Dominion for a 24 day voyage to Canada. Imagine travelling with children aged 8, 6, 4 and 3. They must have been so happy to finally land in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
They obviously stayed in Montreal as they had a daughter Helen Mabel there in 1907 and Winifred Joyce in 1909.

The family then moved on to Vancouver, British Columbia.
Frederick Charles LEA passed away in 1946 and Margaret Maria LEA in 1957.
They are both interred at Mountainview Cemetery in Vancouver.

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