#21 SARAH PATTERSON – 52 Ancestor Challenge

No Story Too Small – Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge of 52 Ancestors this year, has been the inspiration to writing up my family history stories.

My 4th great grandmother Sarah PATTERSON was baptized baptised 20 June 1782 at Ipswich, Suffolk, the daughter of William and Sarah his wife.

On the 18th October 1807 Sarah PATTERSON married Charles WRIGHT, at Ipswich, Suffolk, both made their mark in the presence of John ELLIS & Ann Maria PATTERSON.

Their first child, a daughter Sarah WRIGHT was born 7 December 1810 but not publicly baptised until 8 September 1811.

Ann Maria WRIGHT was born 26 July 1812, and publicly baptised 30 August 1812.

Mary Ann WRIGHT was baptized 8 September 1815.

Caroline WRIGHT born 30 October 1818 was baptised 13 December 1818, abode St Peters, father was a sailor.

On the 27 day of March 1820 at Ipswich, Suffolk; Sarah WRIGHT received a 1/5 share of her Father’s Estate; £16 13 Shillings 3 farthings.

Finally a son Charles WRIGHT was born 16 October 1823, and baptised 2 May 1824, abode St Peters, occupation seaman.

The last child Rosetta WRIGHT was baptized 6 January 1828, and the family was now living at Rope Lane, occupation seaman.

On the 17 January 1833 at Ipswich, Suffolk; Charles buried his wife Sarah WRIGHT only 48 years of age.





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