#15 Edward MORRIS – 52 Ancestor Challenge

No Story Too Small – Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge of 52 Ancestors this year, has been the inspiration to writing up my family history stories.

My 4th great grandfather Edward MORRIS was baptized 18 February 1770 at Elham, Kent; son of Edward & Anne Elizabeth Morris.

The marriage between Edward MORRIS of the parish of Elham and Mary NOBLE of the parish of Lower Hardres, after banns took place on October 30, 1804. Edward Morris signed, Mary Noble made her mark. Witnesses: William MAYCOCK and Elizabeth MARSH.

Their daughter Charlotte MORRIS was baptized 28 February 1808 at Elham,

The second daughter was named Mary Ann and was baptized 22 Apr 1810 Elham.

Third daughter Jemima MORRIS was baotuzed in 1824.

The fourth daughter was baptized 27 March 1831 and named Everil MORRIS.

The 1841 census which was taken on 6 June 1841 at Denton, Kent, lists Edward MORRIS age 70, b Kent, head of house, a Gardener, with Mary 60, Jemima 15 and Everel 10.

By the 30th March 1851 he is shown as Edward MORRIS age 81, b Elham, head of house, a Gardener, with wife Mary 67, daughter Jemima 27 and grandson Edward SPAIN 13.

Edward MORRIS, 86, Gardener, died 26 October 1855 at Elham, Kent; Jemima Morris was present at the death, Elham.

Edward MORRIS was buried at Elham, Kent on November 3, 1855.



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