52 Ancestors #3 ALFRED JOHN SHUTE 1858-1913

Continuing on with the challenge by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small

My next ancestor:


 My great grandfather Alfred John SHUTE was born 23 February 1858 at Ugborough, Devon, the son of John William SHUTE and Emma HORSWILL.  He was baptized on the 21 March 1858 at St. Peter’s Church in Ugborough, Devon and his father was a carpenter.

 The census taken on 7 April 1861 at Parsonage Hamlet, Ugborough, Devon; shows Alfred SHUTE age 3 b Ugborough, with father John 30, a Journeyman Carpenter, mother Emma 22, sister Ann 5 and brother John 11 months.

 By the time of the 1871 census which was taken on 2 April, the family had grown.  They are still living at Ugborough, Alfred SHUTE age 13 b Ugborough, a Scholar, with father John W 40, mother Emma 34, brother Alfred 13, brother John 10, sister Emma 8, sister Bessie 5 and sister Blanch 2.

 On the 3 April 1881 at Modbury Street, Ugborough, Devon; Alfred SHUTE age 23 b Ugborough, a carpenter, is living with his father John 50, also a carpenter, mother Emma 42, sister Blanch 12, sister Jessie 8, sister Ellen 3 and niece Annie 3.

 At St. Peter’s Church in Ugborough on the 28 of July 1881 Alfred SHUTE age 23, bachelor, carpenter, married Charlotte Coker age 21, spinster, domestic servant (father Thomas COKER).  He signed, while she made her mark in the presence of John Wm SHUTE & Ellen ANDREW.

 Interesting that their first child was born Caroline COKER on 27 May 1881 but baptized on the 22 April 1883 as Carrie SHUTE d/o Alfred & Charlotte.

 John Thomas Shute was born 23 February 1883 and baptized the same day as his sister Carrie.

 Next came Sidney Shute on 6 December 1884

 Son Francis Alfred Shute was born 6 July 1886

 Followed by William James Shute on 5 January 1888

 Then daughter Emma Shute arrived on 22 January 1890

 Quickly followed on 21 March 1891 by William Shute

 The 1891 census which was taken on 5 April 1891 shows the family living at 72 Modbury Street in Ugborough, Devon.  Alfred SHUTE 32 a carpenter, with his wife Charlote 29, daughter Caroline 9, son John Thomas 8, son Sydney 6, son Frances Alfred 4 and son William 2 weeks.

Daughter Florence May Shute joins the family on 24 December 1892

Another daughter arrives on 16 April 1894 named Eveline Shute.  This is the person who become my grandmother.

 Another son is born the 14 January 1896 and is named Alfred Shute

On the 14 November 1897 son Frederick Shute is born.

 Lily Shute another daughter is born 15 June 1899

 The 20 September 1900 sees the birth of Maurice Reginald Shute who appears as both Reginald Maurice SHUTE and Maurice Reginald SHUTE in various documents.

Ten years later when the 1901 census is taken on 31 March 1901 the family is still at the same place in Ugborough.  There are only four rooms to house Alfred SHUTE 43 carpenter with wife Charlotte 40, son John 18, son Sidney 16, son William 10, daughter May 8, daughter Eveline 6, son Alfred 5, son Fred 3, daughter Lilly 1 and son Reginald 6 months.

A daughter Ethel Olive Shute is born 24 June 1902

And the final child Flo Shute is born the 21 September 1904 but dies and is buried four months later.

The 1911 census which was enumerated on 2 April 1911 shows the family still in Ugborough.  Alfred SHUTE is now age 53, a carpenter journeyman, with wife Charlotte 50, son Sydney 26, son William 20, son Fred 13, daughter Lilly 11, son Reggie 9 and daughter Ethel 7.

The census shows that Alfred and Charlotte have been married 30 years, had 15 children but only 12 still living.

 A terrible tragedy struck this family on 5 November 1913 when Alfred Shute died.  While cutting a tree on October 14th, he knocked his leg with the back of the axe. Blood poisoning set in.  He was attended by Dr. Miles, of Modbury.  Apparently he was doing well, but early on Tuesday morning he suddenly died. Dr. Miles said the cause of death was phlebitis, due to blood poisoning, through the wound in the leg. Also there were clots of blood from the veins to the heart.

His Tombstone in Ugborough reads:


Loving Memory



The dearly beloved husband of

Charlotte SHUTE

who died Nov 5th 1913

Aged 55

Gone but not forgotten

Also Charlotte

wife of the above who

died March 15th 1941, aged 80

At Rest.

 Both Alfred and Charlotte were born and died in Ugborough.

52 Ancestors – #2 Jessie MOGRIDGE 1867 – 1938

Jessie MOGRIDGE 1867 – 1938

Jessie MOGRIDGE, my great grandmother, was born on the 27 December 1867 at Totnes Union Workhouse, Devon; as Jessie daughter of Harriet MOGRIDGE; Harriet MOGRIDGE was the informant and made her mark, residing at the Union Workhouse, Totnes.
Her baptism took place on 24 January 1868 Totnes, Devon; as Jessie d/o Harriett MUGRIDGE, abode Totnes Union House, Illegitimate.

The 1871 census taken 2 April 1871 at the Totnes Union Workhouse shows Jessia MUGRIDGE age 3 b Totnes Union, a pauper, with her unmarried mother Harriet 39, sister Emily 9 and sister Louisa 9.

The Totnes Union Workhouse was a large stone building, erected in 1838/9, at the cost of about £6000 and had room for 380 paupers. In 1871 the census showed there were 242 inmates. The majority of those forced into the workhouse were not the work-shy, but the old, the infirm, the orphaned, unmarried mothers, and the physically or mentally ill. The Union Workhouse was one of the largest and most significant buildings in the area. Entering its harsh regime and spartan conditions was considered the ultimate degradation. http://www.workhouses.org.uk/ has much information about workhouses and conditions there. It is interesting to read about the food rations.

In 1880 Harriet married Thomas TOZER at Rattery Devon.
The 1881 census take on 3 April 1881 at Rattery lists Jessey MODGRIDGE age 13 b Totnes, listed as daughter of Thomas TOZER 62 and Harriett TOZER 52.

On the 7 April 1887 Alfred GOSS, the son of Isaac & Mary Grace, a 22 year old labourer and Jessie MOGRIDGE age 20, a spinster were married after banns at the Rattery Church. Both Alfred and Jessie signed in the presence of George GOSS & Mary Ann GOSS, siblings of Alfred.

Their son William Henry GOSS was born 9 August 1887 at Mill Cross, Rattery and baptized on the 5th of September.

Sadly, before the year was over, Alfred GOSS had died and was buried on the 29 October at Rattery.

Banns of marriage between George Henry PULLEYBLANK, bachelor and Jessie GOSS, widow, both Sojourners in this parish were published February 1, 8 and 15 at Rattery.

The marriage took place 21 February 1891 at Rattery and George Henry PULLEYBLANK was listed as a 26 year old tailor, residing Rattery, father John PULLEYBLANK a Labourer; Jessie GOSS age 24, widow, residing Rattery, father is left blank.

A few weeks later, on 5 April 1891, the census finds then living at Horsebrook Cottages, South Brent, Devon in 2 rooms, as George PULLEYBLANK 25, a journeyman tailor, Jessie 24 and stepson William GOSS 3.

Later that year, their son Frederick John PULLEYBLANK is born 24 November 1891.
On the 30 March 1894 the next son George PULLEYBLANK is born at Horsebrook Cottages, Avonwick, South Brent, Devon.
The next son Edwin Charles PULLEYBLANK is born 1 September 1896 but sadly dies at age 10 months and is buried in the South Brent churchyard.
Daughter Rose Violet PULLEYBLANK is born 10 June 1899.

Jessie PULLEYBLANK dies the 19 of November 1938 at 3 Wellington Square, South Brent, Devon and her husband George Henry dies less than a week later. They are buried together in the churchyard which is only steps from their home.

I am so glad that I decided to take part in the 52 Ancestors challenge by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small

52 Ancestor Challenge – #1 George Henry PULLEYBLANK.

Reading a post by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small I was inspired to join in her challenge of 52 Ancestors this year.  I am a bit late in starting but excited to begin.

The first ancestor that I will look at is my great grandfather George Henry PULLEYBLANK.

He was born 6 May 1865 at Fowelscombe Lodge, the son of John PULLEYBLANK a labourer and Mary Anne HARRIS.  His baptism took place on the 10th of September at St Peter’s Church in Ugborough, Devon.

George was only three years old when his father passed away, leaving his mother with five young children.

Only three months later his younger brother James Richard died.

This would certainly have been a very traumatic time for the family.

The 1871 census shows George living in North Huish with his widowed mother Ann, widowed grandmother Ann HARRIS, sister Sarah 10 and 6 month old Edith HEAL (relationship not known).

I thought I had him on the 1881 census as George PULLYBLANK age 19 in Broomhill, Harford, Devon working as an indoor farm servant for the SMITH family.  The age is off a bit and I know think this is a different chap.  Have not been able to locate my George in 1881.

In 1882 George witnesses the marriage of his sister Sarah to Henry JOINT in Ugborough.

George’s own marriage takes place in Rattery, Devon, when on 21 February 1891 he marries Jessie GOSS a young widow who was born Jessie MOGRIDGE.

A month later, the couple are enumerated at Horsebrook Cottage in South Brent and George is a journeyman tailor.  With them is young William GOSS the son of Jessie.

George & Jessie have 4 children: Frederick John b 1891 (my grandfather), George b 1894, Edwin Charles b 1896 (who died 1897) and Rose Violet b 1899.

1901 has the family living on Church Street in South Brent, by 1911 they are still in South Brent but now living at Prospect Place.

They later moved to Wellington Square, across the street from the South Brent Church.

Jessie died 19 November 1938 and George died less than a week later, perhaps of a broken heart.

I would love to know the name of the tailor shop where George worked in South Brent.


Hello world!

This blog has been started with the purpose of documenting the information that has been gathered since early 2000 on the many branches of my family tree and putting it out into the internet community, with hopes to share and gain more information on my family history through others researching their roots.

It is the story of regular people who happen to be my ancestors.

My father is Roy John PULLYBLANK (b. 1920), son of Frederick John PULLEYBLANK (1891 – 1975) and Eveline SHUTE (1894 – 1981).  My mother is Helen Margaret SPAIN (b. 1923), daughter of William Alexander SPAIN (1898 – 1987) and Muriel Isabel LEA (1899 – 1988).  My father’s family tree also includes the surnames HORSWILL, MOGRIDGE, COKER, HARRIS & ANDREWS; while my mother’s branch includes BRYCE, SHARP, MATHAMS, MILLS & HALL among many others.

I am registered with the Guild of One Name Studies for both PULLEYBLANK and MATHAMS and the variants POLYBLANK, PULLIBLANK, MATTHAMS and other likely spellings.  For many years, with my cousins, we have been gathering everything on these names and attempting to link them together.

In order to record a well-rounded view of the family I would welcome any contribution from relations, friends or neighbours with memories, stories or photographs.  All contacts will be gratefully acknowledged.